Abdulaziz Saud

The Saud family is a corrupt family robbing the entire wealth of Arabia and destroying the Arab image. There are more than 6000 prince and princess sitting on the heart of the Arabs and spreading the worst and depraved ethics one couldn't imagine. The West thinks Arabs and Saud family are all alike, nothing but ignorant specimens who sees nothing in life but money and sex.

Because the Saud family's depraved behavior precedes them everywhere they go, what Muslim missionaries build in one year, one Saudi prince destructs in minutes.

Every time a Saudi prince shows up in the United States or Europe he becomes the joke of the media! He will be under tight media watch and being paraded for his irrational spending habits, sexual adventures and extravagant parties. The Saud family is similar to the infamous plague that destroys everything it touches.

Corruption in Saudi Arabia is rampant. The royal family has already stolen over $100 BILLION from the government treasury and the figures are on the rise daily.

Human Rights Violations are abhorant with public beheadings sometimes of innocent people.

Women's Rights Violations led to the beheading of a Saudi Princess because she wanted to marry a common man.

The Saudi government has censored our site! Citizens of Arabia can't view our site anymore! Unlike democratic governments, the Saudi government always wants to hide the truth from the people of Arabia by dictating what airs on their media networks. Just listen to their radio or watch their TV. Only those of us who left the country are more likely to have better perspective of the Saudi government and their corruption tactics and immoral behaviour.

As an Arab-American, I'm very proud to the fact the United States constitution gives us the freedom of speech, which is something considered "lethal," or "death sentence" in Saudi Arabia especially when babbling politics!!! Such "freedom of speech" in Saudi Arabia is considered betrayal to the Saud House and you could ultimately get beheaded!

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