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Sultan and his visions

Al-Hayat, a London-based newspaper owned by Khaled Sultan quoted Al-Arabi of France. In an interview with a journalist from the magazine Prince Sultan was asked questions about the transfer of power on the death of King Fahad. Sultan replied that it was all up to basic law. In answer to another question, about Iraq, Sultan claimed that he differed between Iraq, the nation and its leader. He confirmed that Saudi Arabia was deeply committed to keeping the UN sanctions. He described the development of the Saudi armed forces as very fast and efficient. Prince Sultan also announced the Saudi authorities extensive effort in trying to find the perpetrators of the Khobar bombing and that there was a proper liason in the matter between Saudi Arabia and the US. He would not, however, comment on the findings.

Finally, Prince Sultan claimed that freedom of expression was guaranteed in Saudi Arabia and that it was expressed practically in the contact between its people and leaders.

Sultan's use of basic law as a reference is no answer at all, in fact it rather avoids the question. Saudi basic law mentions one sentence about the transfer of power. It says that the more competant or the best of Al-Saud will take over. There is no mention as to how the best is to be decided nor is there any mention of who will decide. All Sultan wanted was to avoid saying that Abdullah would take over after Fahad's demise.

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