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The US and Saudis after the bombing

The Saudi authorities and in specific, Prince Naef, the Minister of Interior, has bulked at that request claiming, as did Bandar in Washington on David Brinkley's ABC show, that the secuirty of Saudi Arabia is an internal matter not to be interfered with. After some violent exchanges, FBI Director FREEH flew to Saudi Arabia to appeal to King Fahd himself to allow the FBI to interrogate and extradite the culprits.

King Fahd finds himself in a dilemma that larger than his mind is able to resolve or comprehend. A promise to the United States means that he is publicly betraying the Wahabbism sect which has kept him and his brothers in power. The sect forbids the killing of a muslim if a muslim has killed an atheist (i.e. non-muslim foreigners or non-muslim Americans). When Fahd ordered the beheadings of the four Saudis who suppoosedly were responsible for the first bomb in November 1995 that killed five Americans, he put in question what Wahabbism allows or does not allow. A quick letter of condemnation drafted by the saudi government against the four Saudis signed by the top religious authority in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh el-Baz, put the issue of killing muslims bu muslims for the killing of atheists in question. The debate will continue. But if the new culprits are found and extradited to the United States, there is no question whatsoever that no religious Wahabbi leader will sign off on such a decision. Which is why Fahd, after promising Freeh, has a dilemma on his hands. Does he deliver to his friends the killers and assume a new rage of terrorism that could target the family itself now ? or does he ignore US demands for local consumption ?


Bandar, prior to the meeting of Freeh with King Fahd, has advised His Majesty to comply with whatever the Americans wanted. He also advised His Majesty that promising and complying are two different things. Armed with this argument, King Fahd gave Freeh what he wanted and the game started. It is notable to say that the US media was ready to jump at Saudi Arabia has the King faltered in giving his approval for the extradition of the terrorists. The involvement of Bandar in this episode reminds us all of how Saudi Arabia mislead the United States in 1988 when it bought Chinese Ballistic missiles. They have succeeded then and they are succedding now.


What the FBI and the Saudi authorities are going through today is a game that will long be remembered in the annals of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A decision was made by Prince Naef, conceived by Bandar, and supported by King Fahd, to derail the investigation by sending the FBI on a false trail of leads. The first trick took the form of a white Chevrolet Caprice that was supposedly the car used to escape after parking the truck next to the building housing the US troops. For those of us who know Saudi Arabia, there is a higher chance of finding a white Chevrolet Caprice in Riyadh than it is to find the picture of King Fahd. It is the most popular car and the most popular color. Going after a Chevrolet Caprice that supposedly was stolen is a goose chase by the FBI plain and simple conceived by the internal security of Saudi Arabia to avoid the capture of the perpetrators.


There is no proof yet that the "Movement for Islamic Change" truly exists. The second day after the bombing of TWA flight 800, CBS reported that a fax to an Arabic speaking newspaper in Londonsentbythe"MovementforIslamicChange" has predicted the bombing. The newspaper that received the fax is none other than al-Hayat, owned and operated by Prince Khalid bin Sultan, the great warrior who claimed he had as much to do with the liberation of Kuwait during Desert Storm as General Norman Schwarzkopf. The second trick has more to do with leading the F.B.I to a London based dissident group than it is to finding the real culprits. It is notable to say that the "Movement for Islamic Change" has in the past sent faxes to media organizations threatening to do harm to US troops if they do not leave Saudi Arabia by the end of June 1995. The first bomb took place in November 1995. Is this new group the figment of imagination of Saudi Intelligence Services ? a plant to get rid of CDLR once and for all ? or is it a real group whose aim is to send the US packing out of Saudi Arabia ? Why, if it is a legitimate group, it is not attempting to kill any memebrs of al-Saud House ? That is a real question that, if answered correctly, may shed some light on this movement.


(It is in the making and will to be disclosed later)


It is the prediction of the "Committee Against Corruption in Saudi Arabia" that one day soon, the United States and most of the world will wake up to the following news blip diffused by the Saudi News Agency :

"Early this morning, the internal security of His Majesty King Fahd attached to the Ministry of Interior, surrounded a house in the suburbs of Riyadh to interrogate its occupants.Small arms fire erupted during the standoff and our security forces returned the fire killing all occupants in the house. While searching the premises, materials and leaflets were found inside the house pointing to the culpability of the occupants in carrying out the bombing of the US barracks in late June of 1996. The publication and leaflets hav been distributed in the past by CDLR, an illegitimate group based in London. All eight occupants died suffering from gunfire wounds."

Justice was accidentally delivered by the Saudi authorities calming any fear of reprisals against al-Saud House because they delivered muslims to the US. The US was short circuited with their effort to show-off that they will punish terrorism. Life was back to the time just before the bombing with two radical change : Al-Saud House, while in dire needs for the US troops in Saudi Arabia, has successfully wigled out of the hole it found itself in after the bombing and the US is on constant alert against terrorist attacks decreasing the chances of terrorism.

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