Abdulaziz Saud

Saudi princess or Missouri check kiter?

DENVER -- A self-proclaimed Saudi princess who tried to buy two of Denver's professional sports teams is reportedly a former Missouri businesswoman once sought for writing bad checks.

The woman, who goes by Thara Baselia al Saud, is actually Latonett W. Hollander, The Denver Post reported Wednesday, relying on four acquaintances of Hollander who viewed photographs and videotape of Saud. "That's her. No doubt about it," said Roger Hull, an independent video producer.

Saud denied misrepresenting herself, or being Hollander, who is married to David Hollander of Wilton, Conn. She said she was born in the United States and was the widow of Prince Mohammed Abdul Aziz, a nephew of King Fahd who died in a plane crash 23 years ago.

The Saudi Embassy in Washington, D.C., would not confirm or deny Saud's royal connections. A State Department official is looking into her claims.

Saud last month unsuccessfully sought to buy Ascent Entertainment Group Inc.'s sports assets -- the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Avalanche and the Pepsi Center.

As for Hollander, the Post reported that a felony arrest warrant was issued against her after she failed to appear for a summons for passing $1,811.92 in bad checks in 1995. The warrant was withdrawn two months ago because the statute of limitations expired...........Associated Press

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