Abdulaziz Saud

The following article is from Al-Risalah (The Message) a very short lived newsletter of the Bangor Islamic Society. It is from the June 1995 - Muharram 1416 edition.

The province of Qasim, near the old caravan town of Buraida within the Great Nafud Desert is the focal point from which a new dynamic movement has emerged to challenge the corrupt regime of the Al-Saud and to re-instate a government based on the pure and pristine principles of Islam.

The CDLR (Committee for the Defence of Legitimate Rights) is Saudi Arabia's main opposition movement. It continued its activities with renewed impetus following the arrests of the two Buraida sheikhs - Saffar Abdul Rahman Al-Hawali and Salman bin Fahd Al-Awda in September 1994. Up to 300 people were subsequently detained after protests occurred in Buraida and Riyadh following the arrests of the sheikhs. They are still in prison. Since the incident thousands of scholars, lecturers, executives - anyone whom the regime sees as a threat to their powerbase has disappeared.

In early 1994 however, Dr Mohammed Al-Mas'ari a former physicist at King Saud University left Riyadh after being held and tortured in Al-Hayer prison. Today, in the north-west of London he has established an outpost of the CDLR.

The CDLR has since then bombarded Saudi Arabia with detailed faxes outlining the gross human rights abuses perpetuated by the regime, the suppression of free speech, arbitrary arrests and the corruption and misconduct of members of the ruling Al-Saud family under King Fahd.

Some of the dirtiest crimes perpetrated by the Al-Saud against the Ummah include backing the Marxist secessionists in South Yemen and covertly supporting the so-called Christian rebels trying to destroy the Islamic state of Sudan. Other abuses include:

  • The unprovoked murder of Saudi citizens by members of the ruling family. For example, Prince Mish'al bin Abdul Aziz killed a retired army officer in the town of Ta'if and was never brought before a court of justice. As Prince Salman once stated: "no punishment on Al Saud"

  • Prisoners in Saudi jails have to face inhuman conditions. By December 1994 Breeman prison in Jiddah had 6500 inmates - its maximum capacity is only 3000. Unsurprisingly, a highly contagious liver disease broke out in the squalid conditions that many of the prison officers refused to enter the cells for fear of contagion. Many prison inmates do not reappear long after their prison terms have expired.

  • The regime has abolished the Land Reform law so it is now impossible for a member of the public to build a house or to buy land except through a prince. A common practice among princes is to forcibly take control over large areas of land and to sell it at inflated prices to the general public.

  • Sermons at Friday prayers are not allowed to mention anything about the American presence in the region or of the Gulf War and it's effects. There does not now exist a single public co-operative or committee that is not controlled or manipulated by the regime. Charities in particular are hit hardest from Government restrictions.

  • There are no elected municipal or parliamentary councils.

  • The incompetence of the Saudi administrators during the Hajj season and their attitudes towards visiting pilgrims defies belief. For example, recent fires at Mina destroyed 250,000 square metres of tents and led to the deaths of a number (the regime will not clarify the exact number) of people. The official Saud statement blamed the inability to control the flames on the wind! Again and again Saudi customs officers violate the basic Islamic principles of not discriminating against Muslims of a different colour or nationality.

  • The land distribution plan and traffic plan concerning to the distribution of Al-Masha'ir land during the last pilgrimage were again blatantly engineered to satisfy the ruling clique. For example, on the last Sunday of Arafat, pilgrims were allocated 35% of the land while the princes and their groups had 65% reserved for them.

  • Educational institutions such as Al Imam University and the Sharia College have been completely infiltrated by Government agents leading to a climate of both fear and paranoia amongst students and some staff.

  • Each of the 7000 princes surround themselves with private militias of hoodlums who are protected by the princes and Al-Saud's authority from any accountability to the judiciary system. The princes have been linked a number of questionable activities.

  • Reliable sources inform us that there are currently over 370 non-Muslim doctors and hospital staff living and working in Makkah - some of them from Christian missionary backgrounds.

    From this we see that the Al-Saud have turned the Holy Land, the spiritual home of the world's one billion Muslims into a vicious police state with the people in chains. Only the Al-Saud remain free to wallow in a cesspool of corruption, immorality and greed. They are criminally destroying the country's wealth, economy and what is more important, it's Islamic code of conduct. Corruption is at its most rotten and torture at its most degrading. The terrorists of Al-Saud while continuing barbaric human rights abuses are pushing the state towards a bloody and suicidal confrontation with the people. Few people within the Ummah will shed a tear upon their departure.

    Please remember those who have been killed, tortured or are currently imprisoned in your daily prayers.

    The Bangor Islamic Society and Al-Risalah newsletter thank the Committee for the Defence of Legitimate Rights and the human rights organisation Liberty for the Muslim World for the information used to produce this report.

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