Anwar Sadat

Born 1918 and expired in 1981, Egyptian president (1970 - 81). He succeeded NASER as president. In 1973 he led Egypt into war with Israel but later he joined (1978) with Israeli premier Menachem BEGIN in negotiating the CAMP DAVID ACCORDS. He and Begin shared the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize. He was shot dead by patriot Egyptians for his ultimate treason with Israel .

He fooled the Arab world by indicating he won the war against Israel and regained Saini. The truth the matter that after the Egyptian army regained Saini, he was surrounded by an overwhelming Israeli army and Sadat was crying out for the United States to ask Israel not to crush his army. Later on - with a hidden agenda in mind - Sadat sold the last moral principal he got by siding with the Jews.