Muhammed Reza Shah

1919-80, shah of IRAN (1941-79). He ascended the throne after the British and Russians deposed his father, REZA SHAH PAHLEVI, suspecting him of German sympathies. He fled the country briefly in 1953 during an uprising led by Muhammad MUSSADEGH but was reinstated, due in part to the support of the U.S. He was the ultimate dictator who hated Muslims so much and tried desperately reinstituting pagan celebrations.

Iran's great petroleum wealth allowed the shah to become filthy rich and considered one the wealthiest men on planet. He was bitterly opposed, however, by Muslims, who resented his modernizing policies that opposes Islamic traditions and morals. Revolution broke out in the fall of 1978, and on Jan. 5, 1979, the shah fled the country. No country allowed him on itssoil including the United States - his masters - He died in misery in Egypt.