Abdulaziz Saud

Princess Haifa Bint Faisal

Princess Haifa Bint Faisal is the daughter of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia who was killed by King Fahd in 1975 through a thick plot whose reverbations will be heard for many generations to come. Princess Haifa also happens to be the wife of our friend Ambassador to the U.S. Bandar bin Sultan.

Princess Haifa's kindness and generosity has left roads paved with goodwill wherever she goes. Her life has touched many people whose lives otherwise would have gone with the wind. As the wife of the Dean of Ambassadors in Washington (Bandar is the oldest Ambassador in washington and has earned that title for no reason other than that), it has befallen upon her to show Saudi Arabia through the eyes of an educated woman. And what a job she has done. Respected and revered in the highest circles, Princess haifa shows her father's traits and sophistication everywhere she goes.

King Faisal championed the education of women in Saudi Arabia when, against the will of the ulema's, he inaugurated the first girls' schools in that country. Without Faisal, women in Saudi Arabia may still be uneducated and more subservient to the male dominated society. Many educated women in Saudi Arabia are thankful for the vision and the will of King Faisal. That vision and will has passed unto the family to render Princess Haifa a humble yet highly intelligent woman that is able to see that women's rights in Saudi Arabia are a fait accompli only if a peaceful struggle is organized and conducted.

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