Abdulaziz Saud


The Saud family led by Ambassador Prince Bandar Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz are attempting to sell a polo field and surrounding land it bought in Maryland. When they first bought the land in 1994 it caused an uproar in the rural Poolesville community. The citizens were afraid their town would become a haven for Saud family princes and their dissolute behavior. The town is very well aware of the "special relationship" granted to the Saud family by their Washington retainers. One local woman summed up the feelings when she said: "What if one of those degenerate princes rapes my daughter or runs over my child while drunk or on drugs? I tell you what will happen. Those imbeciles at the State Department will illegally grant them retroactive diplomatic immunity like they have done in the past."H60 We do not think the pertinent State Department employees imbeciles since such an incident would enable them to join the Saud family deferred payment scheme and become a consultant to the Saud family upon retirement.


The Arabs under the control of the dictatorial Saud family regime may take heed the process being used to confiscate the Mobutu family billions stolen from the people of Zaire. The Washington Post says: "With Mobutu Sese Seko's power waning, the Swiss authorities have come under pressure to disclose, and freeze, whatever part of the vast sums he is believed to have looted from Zaire that he may have deposited or invested here. ... Swiss legislators across the political spectrum have called for an inquiry into how much Mr Mobutu may have deposited here, and the Zairian leader Laurent Kabilla said ... he would demand an accounting from the Swiss once he took power."H68 The Saud family also have attempted to disguise the whereabouts of the money they have stolen from the Arabs they control. The Washington Post said: "Dictators, drug dealers and tax evaders can and do use false names or send relatives or friends to do their banking. ... Swiss Banking Commission ... managing director (said) 'There is no excuse to take money from someone who is known to be corrupt." H69 This statement would certainly include the corrupt Saud family. Washington Post said: "Zairian rebel representatives extended a demand ... 'We want justice to be done. We urge the United States to set an example to the world and take measures to freeze Mobutu's funds.' ... 'This demand will also be extended to France and Belgium and to other countries, including Portugal and Austria.' ... Representatives said they had evidence of alleged corruption and embezzlement by Mobutu, as well as witnesses"H70 Shortly after the now Republic of Congo representatives made these demands the Washington Post reported: "Swiss Socialist politician .. said it would be preposterous to accept the word of Swiss banks that claim not to hold any of Mobutu's assets. He said there is substantial evidence that Switzerland's leading banks long have served as a safe haven for the stolen fortunes of Third World dictators such as Mobutu, ... Noriega, ... and Marcos".H71 Hopefully, we will be adding King Fahd and the rest of the Saud family to this group in the near future. We do not see any future alternative than for the Swiss, Washington, London et al to return the money stolen by the Saud family from the Arabs they control. We hope an Arabian Peninsula government in exile is formed as soon as possible and insists in the strongest language that Washington account for the billions stolen by the Saud family. We would like would like this to include all the illicit money Washington lawyer/lobbyist, consultants and politicians have been given by the Saud family. We also see no need of keeping the Saud family name for the country.

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