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When the Saud family kill a British or US citizen in Saudi Arabia either during rape or complications from torture, they often blame another foreign worker who was a friend or associate of the victim. This policy causes a great deal of trauma among the loved ones of not only the victims but the accused. We see below two cases in which the trauma of Saud family injustice has caused such anxiety. The Daily Record of Scotland says: "The fiance of murder charged nurse Lucy McLauchlan was fined a (Lbs) 100 yesterday for a breach of the peace. Grant Ferrie, 30, of Dundee --- convicted at the city's sheriff court of shouting, swearing and threatening police with violence. The trial had been delayed to let Ferrie visit his fiancee in Saudi Arabia where she is accused of killing colleague Yvonne Gilford. Perhaps Mr Ferrie was stressed out because of the potential death of the woman he loves at the hands of the Saud family.

Elmer L Kadry (Skip) had an older roommate from the Portland, Oregon area who had "disappeared" while Skip was working hundreds of miles away. When Skip returned he was taken by the Saud family security police to one of their facilities. He spent six months in a Saudi jail with no formal charges being pressed against him. Kadry in an interview said he was mistreated after he refused to confess to having murdered his roommate. He was tied down and his ears bombarded with high frequency waves from a sophisticated electronic device. We do not know if this machine was made in the United States specifically for torture. This torture has caused permanent and visible damage to his mind and body. He shakes and stammers. The "disappeared" roommate was said to have been tortured by the security police while Skip was away. The man was old and presumably died of his tortures. His body was most probably dumped in Rub al Khali with others to avoid embarrassment to the State Department. The State Department, soon after Skip's refusal to sign a confession, confirmed the torture victim had "disappeared" and ended any further inquiry.

We know that after 60 Minutes declined to air an interview with a Saud family torture victim who had a nervous breakdown, the Saud family shifted its torture of US citizens to mind altering tortures so as to compromise credible interviews. Stephen Emerson in American House of Saud says:"The often brutal treatment of American citizens incarcerated in Saudi Arabia is a major scandal, but neither the American embassy in Riyadh nor the State Department has ever issued any public criticism of Saudi arrests---of which there have been many----or even commented on this as a general problem. An even greater problem encountered by Americans arrested in Saudi Arabia is the general indifference to their plight by the American embassy and consulates.

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