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Muslim Somalis got kicked out of Saudi

MOGADISHU, Oct 19 (Reuters) - Thousands of Somalis have been expelled from Saudi Arabia where they had lived for many years, Somali Human Rights Centre director Ismail Jumale told reporters in Mogadishu on Sunday. 

Jumale condemned Saudi Arabia for what he said was its inhumane and degrading treatment of Somalis alleged to have contravened the country's immigration laws. 

Saudi Arabia last week began rounding up foreign nationals who it said had ignored warnings to leave the country before a deadline set for them to regularise their immigration status. 

Some expelled Somalis have landed at Mogadishu, while others have reached Berbera, on the Gulf of Aden. Many face long journeys to reach their home areas, Jumale said. 

Among those reaching Mogadishu are some schoolchildren who said they were picked up in the streets of Jeddah while returning to their homes there, and deported without being allowed to contact their parents, Jumale said. 

He said there was no effective government in Somalia to handle them. He called on the Arab League and other international organisations to help Somalis now held in detention in Saudi Arabia, awaiting threatened deportation.

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