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The Saudi family through the assistance of it's US private security firm is using the Internet to entrap Saudi dissidents by sending them what seems to the victim as a misdirected email pornographic web page solicitation. Once the victim has been titillated and uses his credit to sign up for any of the sites, he has opened himself up to the invasions of his privacy by the private US security company hired by the Saudi Arabian government. At such time his credit card number may be tracked in the future. By downloading a certain pornographic site, the victim has also allowed the Saudi US security firm the capability of entering his computer. Upon return to Saudi Arabia, the credit card purchase of pornographic sites may be used to compromise the victim at any time.


Washington Post reports: "Former hostage Terry Anderson filed a $100 million lawsuit yesterday against the government of Iran ... 'they have to take responsibility for what they have done. They can't simply go on denying.' ... Their lawsuits were made possible by legislation Congress passed three years ago that gives Americans who are victims of terrorist acts abroad the right to sue foreign countries in U.S. courts if those countries have been classified by the State Department as sponsors of terrorism."Q151 The Saudi Arabian Government has probably killed, tortured and kidnapped more US citizens of late than any other country. Washington's selective treatment of countries regarding human rights abuse exploits the US citizen for money. As we have reported in past issues Ambassador Bandar spreads unaccounted tens of millions around Washington every year. Some of this money goes for deferred payments to State Department, Congressional and White House officials when they retire, never mind the direct payments to lobbyists. It is hypocritically reprehensible to think these Washington men who go to their churches and synagogues each week to pray with their families would during the week negotiate the human rights sale of US military personnel and children to the Saud family.


London Times reports: "Over the space of three months, 25 of their fellow children died in two orphanages, either as a result of criminal neglect or, according to local MP's killed for their organs in the lucrative trade in human body parts. ... The sophistication of Cairo's ghoulish black market in body parts, particularly kidneys, was revealed in the paper Al Ittihad, which disclosed that the Egyptian Doctors Syndicate is cracking down on members involved in the macabre traffic. ... Under Egyptian law transplants are forbidden from Egyptians to non-Egyptains, but to overcome this, one princess from an oil-rich Arab country entered into a mock marriage contract with her donor. ... In the name of my god Muhammad, please tell the world that we are trying to do some good by these poor children [Egyptian woman saving the children from the likes of the princess]."Q154 It is well known that many Saud family princes and princess have physical problems due to congenital problems and degenerate lifestyles. Because of the media exposure of the Cairo body part black market, they as well as others suffering from physical maladies, must look elsewhere for black market body parts.

The Saudi Arabian Government newsletter reports: "King Khalid National Guard Hospital in Jeddeh holds a symposium on organ donation in collaboration with the Saudi Organ Transplant Center."Q155 We do not know officially how the black market in body parts is condoned by the Saudi Government. We do know the harvesting of human body parts is complicated and requires a sophisticated procedure. Each of the voluntary and involuntary donors must have blood, biopsy cultures and other samplings analyzed and recorded for a future recipient. When a donor/recipient compatibility is found, the transplantation of the organ from the donor to, say, the mentioned princess must take place as soon as possible with the most advanced technology available to increase chances of acceptance. The Legislation and Prevention of Discrimination Branch Centre for Human Rights, United Nations, Palais des Nations, Geneva should be able to monitor such a black market since it is difficult to hide such a technologically complicated procedure. We do not wish to comment any further on this subject at this time.

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