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Hassan As-Sarehi was one of the most brilliant Mujahideen commanders in the Afghan Jihad. In Jaaje, 1987, the Mujahideen mounted a daring and spectacular attack against a powerful Soviet offensive involving Land and Air power. It was one of the most famous battles during the whole war and, due to the high risk encountered, it was known as the Lion's Den Operation of Afghanistan. Many notable Mujahideen personalities participated in this operation, such as Usama bin Ladin, Abu Zubair Al-Madani and Sheikh Tameem Adnani amongst many others. Sheikh Abdullah Azzam was in the second line of the Front. One of the main masterminds and commanders of this operation was Hassan As-Sarehi. As-Sarehi was known for his leadership qualities and constant, personal worship of Allah. As-Sarehi was the teacher of Ibn-ul-Khattab (the Ameer of the Foreign Mujahideen in Chechnya) and taught Ibn-ul-Khattab much of what he knew, from the time he came to Afghanistan as a young teenager, until he left for Tajikistan, as a brilliant commander.

After the explosion of the US Army base in Riyadh, the Saudi Government requested the Pakistani Government to extradite As-Sarehi, as he was living in Peshawar at the time. They accused As-Sarehi of involvement in this explosion, though without a shred of evidence. The Pakistani Government agreed to hand over As-Sarehi to the Saudi Government in return for two of the topmost Pakistani drug smugglers imprisoned in Saudi Arabia and awaiting execution. After four brothers were executed in Saudi Arabia for allegedly plotting the Riyadh explosion, the Saudi Government should have released Hassan As-Sarehi, but they continued to detain him. He has now been in prison for over three years and the following things have been done to him:

His neck was stretched away from his body so that it is permanently disabled. He can no longer turn his neck from side to side. He has been stripped naked and made to stand for weeks on end. He has had batons and sharp pins inserted into his private parts. He has been subjected to electric torture from all types of electric torture equipment. He has been denied visits from his family. His body has become very weak now and his face is disfigured, like someone who has undergone severe physical and mental torture.

In the midst of all this torture, As-Sarehi told his interrogators: "Bring me a sheet of paper and I will sign it confessing to every single crime that you accuse me of. I killed President Kennedy, I killed King Faisal, I carried out the Riyadh and Al-Khobar Explosions, anything you want." His interrogators replied that that was not good enough; they wanted to know how he done it. He replied to them "I am telling you, I did not do these crimes, so how can I tell you how I did them?"

Currently, As-Sarehi is in a very bad physical and mental state. He has already been permanently disabled as a result of torture.

Muhammad Hamdi Al-Ahdal, a Yemeni resident of Makkah, was one of the first Mujahideen to enter Bosnia. He was known for his heroic feats in the famous Battle of Tishin, Autumn 1992, when 30 Mujahideen held up a complete line against a full Serb Army offensive. Abu Asim was injured in this battle by a hand grenade thrown by one of the Serbs. He lost one leg and paralysed one arm.

He was arrested after Hajj, 1998, from his home in Makkah and taken to Ar-Ruwais Concentration Camp, Jeddah, accused of plotting crimes against the Saudi Government. He has now been in Ar-Ruwais for almost a year and the following things have been done to him:

He has been beaten on his face with shoes until his skin has broken. He has been beaten with batons all over his body, including his disabled limbs and paralysed arm. He has been stripped naked, given electric torture, abused and been spat at on his face. He is in a very bad physical and mental state, adding to his disability. This exclusive reports have came to us from a source inside Ar-Ruwais Concentration Camp. Any torture that happens to Hassan As-Sarehi and Muhammad Hamdi Al-Ahdal is notified to us within 24 hours. This is a request that goes out to Muslims all over the world, to help release Hassan As-Sarehi and Muhammad Hamdi Al-Ahdal from Ar-Ruwais Concentration Camp, Jeddah. In the 1980s, As-Sarehi spent his blood and sweat protecting the honours and lives of millions of innocent Muslim women and children in Afghanistan. In 1992, Muhammad Al-Ahdal gave his sweat, blood, one leg and one arm to protect the lives of innocent Bosnian Muslims from slaughter in the name of Christianity.

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