Abdulaziz Saud


Often police in the European Union and United States use a Saudi prince disguise when attempting to arrest drug dealers. The police use Saudi princes as a cover because it is well known within international drug circles that Saudi princes are some of the greatest consumers of illegal drugs. These Saudi princes not only ingest these drugs themselves but use them on unsuspecting or naive young Western girls and boys at prearranged parties, presumably to lower their inhibitions for immediate sex or to kidnap them.

London Times reports: "A former star of the television series London's Burning was secretly filmed supplying drugs to a bogus Arabian royal during an 'elaborate' charade to expose him as an alleged drug dealer... the News of the World's investigative editor ... had allegedly been tipped off that he was supplying drugs at parties.

Several weeks later the same sheik/prince scam was used to ensnare an earl. The London Times reports: "The 10th Earl of Hardwicke was said to have snorted cocaine, drunk champagne and boasted of the availability of drugs as he entertained a bogus Arab sheik in a suite at the Savoy Hotel in London. In order to impress the "sheik" and his partner, who was posing as an Arab businessman, the earl took both of them on a guided tour of the House of Lords. At one stage at the Savoy, Blackfriars Crown Court was told yesterday, the earl, charged under the name of Joseph Hardwicke, said: "Come on, bring on the charlie. I want a big fat line. I am going to have the biggest line I have had in my life and then be sick."

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