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The Washington Post reports; former chancellor ... Kohl now finds himself besieged by charges about bribes, secret accounts and other shady dealings during his chairmanship of the Christian Democratic Union ... Germans have long prided themselves on the integrity of their political system and looked with repugnance on frequent tales of bribery and political corruption ... The 'dirty money' affair broke ... when a tax evasion inquiry against ... Kiep, a former treasurer for the Christian Democrats on the grounds that he did not report a $530,000 cash donation ... Schreiber said he handed over the money to Kiep during a secret rendezvous in a Swiss parking lot as compensation for authorizing the sale of 36 tanks to Saudi Arabia.

The London Times reports: "Corruption scandals that bubble to the surface often have a political element. For politicians to be accused of corruption, the previous network of patronage must have crumbled. A good barometer of the mood in Berlin is the statement by Wolfgang Schaüble, the party chairman, that he was not in charge at the time of the donation. In other words, he is trying to distance himself from Herr Kohl. The prosecutor's office estimates that "70 million" in bribes was spread around as a result of Gulf War deals. Where did it go?

Police were searching apartments in Germany at the weekend in pursuit of an answer.If their were approximately "70 million" in bribes passed around in Germany from the Saud family deals, that means an at least equal amount was pocketed by certain Saud family princely agents. A yet to be disclosed similar scandal in Sweden involving, yet again, Prince Sultan and his bagmen is heating up. It is believed the undisclosed Swedish politicians involved are attempting to suppress any investigation. Again, the Swedes like the Germans believe these scandals only happen in other countries. It seems no country is immune from Saud family corruption.

Saud family members have been buying up prime properties throughout Europe. In the Geneva area complete enclaves of shore front property have been purchased by Saud family members using the usual shell companies to hide ownership. This has irritated the local citizens by driving up prices which result in higher taxes. One Swiss citizen told us that the Swiss saw the same behavior just before the Shah was deposed.

He said if this pattern continues the Swiss will not be able to afford to live in certain Cantons. A Scottish citizen told us of Saud family members purchasing through shell companies large areas of farmland which villagers had used for free ranging sheep grazing. After purchase the Saud family would fence and wall off the area perturbing the local villagers. The Scottish citizen said this Saud family behavior has changed a Scottish way of life. The Scottish citizens have gone to their Government to complain about the Saud family purchases as well as the new walls and fences. The citizens of the Arabian Peninsula controlled by the Saud family must obtain the capability of repatriating the billions US$ stolen from their oil reserves by the Saud family. This will be difficult considering the elaborate intrigues of Ambassador Bandar and his retainers both in London and Washington.

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