Abdulaziz Saud


The Cairo Times says: Prosecutors demanded the maximum sentence of three years for the royal brothers-in-law, Turk and Fahd Al Fassi ... Lieutenant Emad Mohammed Abaza, allegedly got his retina detached last June after being struck by a walkie-talkie when he didn't get our of the way of the Turki party quickly enough in the cafe of the Ramses Hilton, where the Prince rents floors 28, 29, and 30 on a more-or-less permanent basis. ...

One of Abaza's lawyers, police general Mohammed Abdel Aal, claimed that Turki' entourage had been involved in at least 50 incidents of assault and torture against hotel employees, servants and bystanders in recent years. ... Last year, a half-dozen servants were allegedly imprisoned for five months in a hotel suite after having run afoul of Turki's wife, Hind Al Fasi."U172 We reported in a prior issue similar incidents were being prosecuted within the United States by a young Miami District Attorney named Janet Reno. In that case the United States State Department gave Prince Turki's relatives retroactive diplomatic immunity.

When she came to Washington as Attorney General she quickly forgot her disgust at Washington corruption and her commitment to the US victims of the Saud family. It is amusing to see that the Saud family can avoid US criminal prosecution with the use of Prince Bandar's Washington retainers while Egypt abides by it's criminal laws and protects it's citizenry from the likes of the Saud family princelings.

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